Journal of Immunology by Docmarcell
installation, UV light, video, drawing on wall
- curated by Catalin Burcea and Diana Marincu, Alert Studio, Bucharest, 2011 -
"The laboratory of DocMarCell, including his image archive, develops an apprehensive, distorted vision over the ordinary things around us - a cable, a hole in a wall, the detail of a lamp, the leaves of a flower, a broken glass become images as taken by microscope. They take the form of menacing microbes, metamorphosed structures. They are all the deformed visions and fears of the contemporary mankind, living in the presence of genetic experiments, fatal microbes, some of them created in vitro, or by contrary living with the obsession of the perfect hygiene and of the asepsis.
DocMarCell is first of all a witness; but at the same time, through analysis and his fake constructs, digging through this collective "virused" subconsciousness, he becomes a valve for letting off steam". 
Diana Marincu, art critic, curator
Asepsis is the state of being free from disease-causing contaminants (such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites) or, preventing contact with microorganisms. The term asepsis often refers to those practices used to promote or induce asepsis in an operative field in surgery or medicine to prevent infection. Ideally, a surgical field is "sterile" — free of all biological contaminants, not just those that can cause disease, putrefaction, or fermentation — but that is a situation that is difficult to attain, especially given the patient is often a source of infectious agents. Ie. there is no current method to safely eliminate all of the patients bacterial flora without causing significant tissue damage. However, elimination of infection is the goal of asepsis, not sterility.
Other works from the project / not part of the exhibition.
"MUZEUM 1", oil/canvas, 100x150 cm, 2008
Mr. W in a Hangaar, oil/canvas, 30x70 cm, 2009
Mr. C, oil/canvas, 30x30 cm, 2016
"Watson&Crick (Immersion)", oil/canvas, diptych, 100x150 cm, 2008,
part of Tescani Art Museum collection
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